Jose Brand was born and raised in the northern Canadian city of Terrace, BC. As a kid he spent most of his time outdoors biking and snowboarding on the nearby mountains. Aside from this he has always made time for art, and has been drawing for as long as he can remember. Jose feels fortunate to have grown up with a very creative family that has always been supportive of his creativity.
Diving into digital art has changed Jose’s life.  After starting to use Photoshop about 13 years ago, he was hooked.  Jose now lives in beautiful Victoria, BC where he works as Lead Concept Artist for the social gaming company Kano Apps. He spends most of his days drawing zombies, pirates, and Vikings.  Even though he draws at work full time, his passion for art and wanting to create drives him to spend even more time drawing and painting.

Each painting Jose creates is part of a world he envisions, where the painting is a single moment in the life and story of each character.